What's the latest on Virgin Business Class points availability to Los Angeles?

Hi Keith & Co,

I’ve been waiting for VA Business class to LAX to open up for almost 2 mths now …  there are literally zero seats from Aug-Nov 2016. I assume (hope!) they’re holding back due to the delay in the the refurb’d 777 Business class suites. Any ideas if that is actually the case? Or how/when they might let us know seats are available?

Thanks for your help and keep up the good blogging!

Someone else asked me about this recently too. I haven’t checked myself for a while, but doesn’t sound great if seats are being limited again. No real further insights on this one.

I’d suggest they will be made available at some point, and probably in a wave or two coming online. Setting up an alert through something like Awardnexus.com would be the best way to ensure you maximise your chances of not missing out.