What's the latest on Velocity Business Class rewards to the US / Europe?

Hi Keith

Really enjoying the high level of info you are providing. I am having real trouble finding any Virgin Velocity Business Class flights to the US or Europe. Your recent update suggested more availability from July next year. My searches are finding none available. Also when trying for Africa (JHB) a calendar keeps appearing saying “available” and then you cannot progress any further.

Any ideas?



Hi Julian:

Which city are you departing from? There seem to be more seats from BNE than from SYD. So try that.

Also, AFAIK VA only released one seat per flight at the moment. So if you are searching for 2 or more you will have no luck.

Last time I checked, it was about a week ago I could still see some seats on Tues and Thurs in Aug. But a week is a long time, these seats may have already been taken.

With the JHB one, I don’t quite understand your question. VA search engine doesn’t really give you a calendar like QF and they don’t usually display as available, but as the number of points you need if seats available. Can you clarify a bit more?

Hi Michael

Many thanks for the very prompt response to my query. I am still finding no availability from Brisbane to LAX throughout August or September (only searching for 1 seat although want 2)

Re the JBH search, the screen which appears says there is no availability and to choose from the available dates on the calendar below! This is a calendar with departure dates down the left hand side and return flight dates across the top ie a matrix. Every dep and ret  date shows Available but when you click on Available the same screen appears! The top line shows Search-Calendar-seat etc

I’m sure you are far more experienced and adept in search than I am so I would be grateful for any further help you can give.

Cheers and thanks



Thanks Michael. I have now looked at one ways and found some LAX availabity. Your help is much appreciated