What's the fastest way to top up and purchase Qantas Points?

I have an overseas trip that I’d like to upgrade to premium economy (60,000 Qantas points). i have 51,000 atm. What’s the best way to get 9000 before the flight (in around 35 days) to upgrade? I was thinking of buying david jones gift cards worth 900 dollars (10 points per dollar). Would this work? and would it be credited to my account straight away? Christmas shopping around the corner too.
Alternatively should I just purchase points for the difference? any guidance is appreciated.

I can confirm I received my 10,000 points into my Qantas Points account within 5 days of purchase - so, great suggestion for quick points! Damian

If it were me, I’d simply buy some wine from Qantas epiqure. Points hack do a great weekly table of what wines earn you bonus points. Check the front page for the link.

After a quick look on that page I found this one: https://www.qantasepiqure.com.au/p/Best's-Bin-1-Shiraz-2014/BESTS1SHI14_C12

Just shy of $300, you’ll earn at least 10300 points - more if you are a member (or pay with a credit card that earns you points) and it gets you 12 bottles (great for giving as gifts!)

The points get credited to your frequent flyer account instantly I believe.

Andrew you are an absolute legend. Thanks, this is perfect! I’m bookmarking this website, such a useful tool :slight_smile: