What's the fastest and easiest way to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points?

In your opinion, what is the fastest and easiest way to earn points with the Qantas Frequent Flyer Program? 

1. Fastest, but not necessarily easiest way is credit card sign up bonuses. Check out pointhacks for the latest. E.g. St Georges has a 60k sign up bonus, once approved. Of course, whether they'll approve your application is a different story. 

2. Double Dipping. The new online qantas mall allows you to double dip with certain merchants. E.g. ebay $1 to 2 points. Plus you earn from your credit card as well which could well be $1 to 1.5 QFF points with the bank amex. 

Fastest is certainly through credit card sign up bonuses. It is also typically the most cost effective.

Funnily, after that comes actual flying :)

Points from spending do add up, but is in by no means fast, especially if you're not a big spender (i.e. 1-3k/month)

Another thing to consider is supplementary cards. You can try offering supplementary credit cards to your parents/friends if they don't opt into FF programs and get them to spend with the card and then pay you back later.

Have as many sources of points earn going towards your desired FF program is another good strategy. Can be a little time-consuming but includes things like fuel, shopping, internet, bills, phone, credit card, etc. It all adds up over time.  

Doubling up on the points offers and credit card sign ups (take note of the eligibility criteria first) are good ideas as previously mentioned.

Loaded question... it depends on your circumstances :)

If you fly with QF/Oneworld a lot you can earn points easy and fast through crediting flights... The other big one is Credit cards, signup bonuses and/or spend...

Then there are all the other ways, car rental, hotel bookings through qantas website, restaurant bookings, shopping at woolworths... they all add up... 

Too much credit card sign up over a short period of time may affect your credit score. Don't forget each time you apply for a mortgage, car loan, even signing up a new contract for that shining iPhone will also affect your credit score. So while it's fastest way, do it sparingly.

The other is obviously use CC to pay for ATO. But not all credit cards pay points for ATO payments, so be careful. What I can say is all citibank cards are no good.....



don't forget the online mall. the points do add up. 2 points for $1 for ebay purchases, 4 points for $1 for david jones, 2 points for $1 from apple store.

when thinking about which credit card to use for spend, look at how many points per $1.

agree with the sign-up bonuses for CC, however these may not be the same CC for your everyday spend. look at those that give more than 1 point per $1. you'll earn points much quicker.