What's the best way to maximise value and points for hotels, transport and rollercoaster bookings in the US?

Hi all,

I’m traveling to the US next year (and somehow managed to secure an upgrade both departing and returning via Virgin) and am currently working out my itinerary on Delta and Virgin America (plus JetBlue, United and American if I need their routes) for being in specific cities on specific dates.

I’m currently both a Hilton HHonors Diamond and EuropCar Elite member (thanks to the Velocity Platinum perks list) and still have my Velocity Platinum status. I don’t currently have any status beyond entry level with any other airline, hotel or other programs.

I’ve yet to purchase my airfares within the US and am looking to maximise the value I get from these bookings. From my research it seems that booking via Expedia will net the best benefits. Would anyone offer an alternative view on this thought?

Regarding hotel stays, if I’m staying at a Hilton property my understanding is that HHonors points will only be awarded if I book directly via the HHonors website - is this the understanding of other Pointhacks members?

The main purpose of my trip is to ride as many rollercoasters as possible (as I’m an overgrown child). Given this tends to involve purchasing tickets and transport to-and-from the venue are there any tips or observations other members might have encountered in their travels that they’re willing to share? My current Google-Fu isn’t helping me in terms of either earning points (beyond the credit card spend) or getting a cheaper option than going direct to the park operators themselves (Disney, Universal, Six Flags and Cedar Fair).

My thanks to all who reply. :slight_smile:

On your flight bookings, my preferred tactic is to keep a close eye on prices using Kayak price alerts, and book when you feel comfortable.

You might also get some value from signing up for Virgin America’s email offers, occasionally some promo codes get sent out.

Hilton HHonors - you’d also earn points, usually, if booked via a travel agent - including those from your credit card like Amex Travel or Citi Travel.

Rollercoaster points earn! Interesting challenge. The Points Guy has some tips for Disney, but otherwise, you got me :slight_smile: