What's the best way to get from Vienna to Cairns via USA?

Hello, I am looking at possible options to fly back from Vienna to Cairns in December. I would like to try to go back through the US. Which routes would you try? Thanks

Are you thinking of doing this via points or cash?

The most straightforward route I can imagine is Vienna - London - (or via New York) - Los Angeles - Brisbane - Cairns.

However, I’m not sure how practical the route is (how to pay it and how much time I am happy to spend on this route).

If you have points in KrisFlyer, I’d look into the following itinerary, all of which can be booked with KrisFlyer points:

Vienna to New York on Austrian Airlines
New York to Tokyo on ANA
Tokyo to Cairns on Virgin Australia.

That’s the only two-stop option via the USA I can think of, though a possible one-stop option would be Vienna to Tokyo on ANA and then Virgin to Cairns.


I have mostly Qantas points.
I found VIE-HEL-LAX-BNE-CNS. How do I book that with least points as there won’t be any stop overs? I put it in multi city tool from Qantas & it always give me an error message.

The error is most likely that a reward seat is not available on one of the sectors. I recommend searching each pair of destinations separately and seeing what is available.