What's going on with first/ business Emirates award availability?

Hi all,

I am in the process of searching for first (or business) tickets for 2 people to Europe this time next year- Date flexible and city flexible.

In the past I’ve always booked close to a year out and never had much of a problem booking these kind of flights, but searching nearly a year out I just can’t seem to find anything, even one way (Australia to Europe).

Has anyone seen or heard any news of whether Emirates have cut or will be increasing reward availability post COVID open up? I am searching through QFF and don’t have any status so hopefully it’s not a case that they are all being snapped up before they open up to me!


Hi @jth

I’ve been doing some searching for Emirates flights too and the simple answer is they haven’t opened up reward availability to/from Australia yet, to reflect the opening of the borders. There’s plenty of availability between Dubai and Europe – just not between Dubai and Australia.

Emirates will restore reward availability eventually. Whether it happens within hours, days or weeks is anyone’s guess, but it will happen. I suggest you do what I’m doing and keep checking every day!

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Hi jth, I just secured 2x Emirates First Class reward seats from Perth to Vienna in September 2022. Availability is out there, but it’s very patchy. I imagine from places like Sydney and Melbourne, competition for the limited reward seats is even more intense. Hopefully more seats will be released over the next few months, if international travel runs smoothly.


@jth I got 2 X Melbourne - London 12/1/22 Emirates First Class that just seemed to pop up about a month ago.

They do come up - even if they’re hard to find.

@jth @graham @BrandonLoo

In the hours since posting above, what can only be described as a dump of Emirates business class reward seats has taken place. There’s good availability into Sydney and truly amazing availability into Melbourne, even during school holidays.

First Class availability is still not great, but I’m holding out in hope!

Edit: This availability is on the Emirates website; it hasn’t appeared in Qantas website searches yet…

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Thanks all- I will continue checking everyday. Hopefully some more availability pops up soon!

Hi @sixtyeight I am also in the same situation! I managed to book a business reward seat in late May 2022 to Paris on QAN / EMR via Singapore and Dubai, however finding a business reward seat from EU to Syd is proving difficult (flexible with departing country).

Referring to your post about a dump of Emirates business class rewards seats, what departure cities and dates did you see? We would depart Europe in late June / early July (probably more difficult due to being close to school holidays).


Hi @michaell

Here’s one example: a Paris-Melbourne search on June 16. You’ll see that there’s business reward availability on the Emirates website for every day that week. However, this is not yet reflected on the Qantas website, even when you force it to look for Emirates flights by doing a multi-city search and searching Paris (CDG) - Dubai (DXB) and then DXB-MEL.


Thanks @sixtyeight for your help!

Hi everyone, quick heads up- A whole lot of Emirates first availability from Australia to Europe (multiple cities) for the back end of 2022 just popped up on the Qantas site.

Happy holidays!

Hey everyone, still looking daily on Qantas website for Emirates reward seats from Europe to Syd in late June 2022. There however seems to be business reward seat availability everyday on the Emirates site (FCO/CDG - SYD). Is there usually a delay between seats being available on Emirates vs Qantas (if they of course decide to make them available on Qantas)?