What's better value for money / points - Virgin/Velocity or Qantas Frequent Flyer points?

It seems that even with the 15% plus 15% bonuses, it takes more points to redeem a Rewards Ticket from Virgin than it is from Qantas.
Is this your experience too?
By my assessment, Qantas points are more value for money to redeem for flights. Would you agree?

I believe you are looking at the “wrong” fare section. Virgin allows you to book any seat with points but this might not be very economical in most cases. Example: return to Europe can be in excess of 700k points. But what you want to look for is the “Business Reward” so for example I can fly to PER-SYD business for 62900 (not sure if this includes the 15%) points including taxes on the same date with Qantas it would cost me 72000 + $89.26 in fees.

In saying that the new QF flat bed is far superior so i would go with QF regardless unless it was going to be an old plane where business class is the biggest joke ever.

I disagree 100% with the statement in the question, it’s not possible to paint a broad brush on value, despite many people wishing it were this simple.
Velocity points = great for any Virgin Australia operated flights. Cheaper than Qantas, and better availability.
Qantas points = a bit more limited availability, higher cost in points and taxes, but a wider network to use them on. That’s about as general as I can summarise I think.