What would be our best option for airline status if relocating to the United Kingdom if currently Qantas Platinum?

Hey everyone,
We are moving from Sydney to London and trying to get some recommendations on who we should start to focus on status with.

My fiance and I have been Platinum with qantas for 5+ years now (thanks a to double status credit promotions) and considering we are relocating, need to find what our best option is to focus on.

So this means we need to think about what points cards to be using and what airlines to focus on.

Will BA or similar do a status match? Love to hear some suggestions so we can get the most out of it. My Qantas platinum is going to run out in June 2024 so I have a bit of breathing room, but want to be geared up for that ideally

The main players in the UK are Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. BA will have by far the superior route network. Your Qantas Platinum benefits will carry over to the UK when flying BA but earning status with Qantas flying mostly BA is quite difficult - you mention that you have built that status on Double Status promotions, which won’t apply to BA flights, so expect to lose platinum. You could go for BA Executive Club status while you still have the QF Platinum status (so lounge access with QF Plat, but credit flights to BA’s program) and build up status that way. It has similar requirements to QF and there are sector requirements on BA flights. If you are staying in London long-term, going for status with BA is a good choice. Combine that with the limitations of QF status earning in the UK and lack of credit card integrations, you would be better off going with BA unless you are really close to Lifetime status with QF.

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Thanks for the detailed response.
Was thinking BA was going to be the one to focus on and was not sure if there as much other options there.
5182 status credits from lifetime gold, so still a bit of a way to go, not sure if it would be worthwhile trying to get there while living in the UK.