What will the transfer ratio be from Marriott to airmiles post SPG/Marriott merge?

Greetings Point Hackers,
The POINT HACK methodology of buying SPG points for family members (when they go on sale) and ‘pooling’ towards a business or first flight redemption has been fantastic.
Questions are for you experts :

  1. Will the conversion rates or redemption rules be changing with the Marriott SPG merger?
  2. Is it advisable to pool the points, do a redemption now before 1 August?
    Many Thanks for your time and help.
    Go Well,

If you haven’t already, please check this post as it may provide some of the answers you’re looking for.


Hey Steven

Thanks for responding so quickly. I did see this article however the article does not discuss simple transfers from SPG to chosen airlines solely for the purpose of a seat redemption. I am not querying vacation packages.

Specifically what I am querying is:

  1. Currently SPG airline transfer rate is  1:1 to most of the airlines listed. Plus SPG throws in 5,000 point bonus for every  20,000 point transfer.

Is this changing or being removed due to merger?

Reference article used for methodology:

Thanks for your help.