What to do with Krisflyer miles expiring in 2021?

Hi, looking for ideas to spend over 200k Krisflyer miles originally converted from Velocity in 2018 in a failed attempt to secure seats to Europe. Then along came COVID and though KF did extend the expiration by 6 or 12 months I don’t think that charity is going to be repeated nor do I think we will be travelling to Asia anytime soon. Transferring back to Velocity means another conversion loss but I’d be more than happy to do that only I gather you cannot re-convert already converted miles between the programs. Awaiting a response from the KF on that just in case.

Any helpful ideas appreciated…

At this point, New Zealand seems to be the best bet in terms of ease of travel with the new bubble. Air New Zealand Business Class awards is notoriously hard to get but it does get better with trans-tasman hops vs their trans-pacific flights. It’s 62K roundtrip in Business from anywhere in Australia to anywhere in New Zealand or 25K in economy. To my knowledge the economy award ticket is booked as a ‘The Works’ ticket meaning it includes both baggage and meals as opposed to the seat + bag or seat only fares they also sell and economy awards are much easier to come by. So with your 200K points you are looking at 3 roundtrip business tickets potentially, if you can find the space.

Not sure about the situation right now, but I believe you can still redeem Virgin Australia flights with Krisflyer directly without transferring it back to Velocity. Economy along the coast will set you back 11k economy one way or 21k for business. Transcon flights will set you back 19k and 38k for one-way economy and business respectively.

To be honest, without going to Asia, the options are limited and right now, the safest international destination really does seem to be New Zealand. If not, spending it on domestic flights is not the worst idea even if it’s not the best value.

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Thanks djtech, that is most helpful, especially the possibility of redeeming VA domestic flights directly via KF. I’ll look into that. Thanks again.

For the benefit of anyone else with KF miles expiring this year, here is the SIA response on that query. Reconversion is definitely NOT an option but the ‘charity’ may be extended:

Thank you for your email to Singapore Airlines.Allow us to share that KrisFlyer miles will expire after three years at 23:59 hours Singapore time (GMT +8:00 hours) on the last day of the equivalent month in which they were earned or transferred.

Our records show that your available 210,000 KrisFlyer miles was previously supposed to expire in January 2021. We have extended the miles for another six months until July 2021 in view of the Covid-19 situation.

As of now, we will be extending KrisFlyer miles that will be expiring between January and June 2021 by another six months. We will review closer to date for expiring miles beyond June 2021.

You may wish to visit the link below for more information.

We seek your understanding conversion of miles is non reversible. Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for writing to us and we look forward to being of service to you again


Krisflyer has announced the points won’t expire until mid 2022. Below is the excerpt from the email i received


You have KrisFlyer miles that will be expiring between July 2021 and March 2022.

In view of restricted travel opportunities globally, we will be extending the validity period of all expiring KrisFlyer miles. This means that there will not be any expiry of KrisFlyer miles until April 2022.

The extension of your expiring miles will be carried out in 6-months block. For example, KrisFlyer miles expiring on 31 July 2021 will first be extended for 6 months to 31 January 2022, and at the end of January 2022, the expiring miles will be further extended for another 6 months to 31 July 2022. If you have miles expiring on 31 January 2022, the miles will be extended to expire on 31 July 2022."

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Thanks @ck009, just noticed I got the same advice. I guess this will be their policy until some semblance of normality returns.