What to do with expiring Krisflyer miles? Transfer them to Velocity program?


I have 15,000 KrisFlyer points expiring soon in July. My current balance is 86,000.

I’m thinking to transferring my points to velocity so I don’t lose my points.

How does it actually work? Do I just transfer the total amount of points expiring (15k) or do it need to transfer my whole balance (86k)?

Or is it better to pay to extend and keep them as Krisflyer



If 15k is expiring, you only need to transfer 15k. Paying is usually costly (in my opinion) and will only extend them by 6 mths. Unless you have a redemptions in mind that you could do in 6 mths, personally, I would recommend transferring to VFF.

Good luck.

Cheers, thanks for that!