What to do with a cancelled Qantas OneWorld RTW redemption flight?

Hi, British Airways has just cancelled my one world flight leg from London to Miami on 27th Dec with no offer of a new flight. Qantas is saying there are no other Frequent flyer flights. I’m on a trip around the world with Daughters and have a connecting flight the next day. I leave Perth in 6 weeks, anyone got any ideas of what i can do? How can they just cut out the middle leg of my trip?

I would contact British Airways to see if you can get accommodated on their second daily flight or on American airlines. Most likely, they will direct you to Qantas which can either rebook you on another award flight(though there are none available) or refund the ticket cost. It doesn’t hurt to contact British Airways to see if they could sort out an alternative route for you though.

Thanks for the feedback, my problem is I cant afford the flight myself and it was all booked on points. I had been saving for ages to get the round the world with one world on points so there is nothing to refund. Qantas is now trying to sort something after a few upset calls but being 2 days after Christmas I’m limited as the plan was to spend Christmas with Family in England before heading to more family in the USA for NYE. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed.

I believe the contract of carriage is between you and British Airways as the carrier is British Airways (although the ticket was issued by Qantas). So by looking at the condition of carriage on BA website, it says, under section 9b3, that they will rebook you on another BA flight at no extra cost. You could refer the BA agent to this section when you call BA. They may need to liaise with QANTAS to reissue your ticket.

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Just checking up on the status of your booking. Has Qantas booked you on a flight? What did British Airways say in terms of rebooking?

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Good News, BA has come to the party after a lot of phone calls with Qantas and myself and they have put us on the morning flight instead. Looking forward to the trip of a lifetime! Thanks for comments.

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