What to do when Partner Airlines don't fly direct (or conveniently) to your destinations?

I’m planning a trip next year Perth,Cairo (Emirates), Cairo to Italy/Croatia (either way round). But Im having trouble finding a partner airline to get me from Egypt to Split or Rome without going via 1/2 of Europe and 3 flights!!
My question is what do others do to find suitable ways to get to a destination that isnt (that I have found) a one world partner flight?
This stuffs up me using points business class for either a multi city return flight to Perth or 'an around the world ticket(which ever works best for me), if I have hit a hurdle at the first destination!
If I find any airline and pay for the Cairo onward flight. How does that effect my booking request when I call Frequent Flyers to organise? Is it ok to do land in one country, carry on in another a week later? or are they then classed as individual tickets not a multi?? does that get more expensive with points?
And,to find flights, what do travellers do. look up 'who flies from A to B? From that see if they are a partner? Then see if flight routes/times suit?.. I had done that with Cairo, and it was after a ‘not so helpful’ call to qantas found that I have to fly BA to london Emirates to Dubia Qantas were in thers somewhere as well! to Split…making it a very long way round-but I couldnt find that info on the net, I had to get it from Qantas!!

Also, If a partner airline flies short routes say Iberia flies Rome to Malaga, can I just book bits and pieces of flights with points or does it need to flow?\r\nfor example… I somehow get from Cairo to Italy, drive around, fly to split,Croatia (a partner airline would be great)for a cruise, fly to Rome, drive about maybe visit friends for a weekend in Malaga,Spain. from there…if its benificail to fly around the world then we will if not from Malaga, we can get Iberia to Madrid then I need to find a partner to get us back to Perth


If you are talking about a oneworld RTW with Qantas points. You could book a cheap flight separately.


"Are surface sectors counted?

Yes. A surface sector is when you fly into one airport, make your way on the ground (or a cheap airfare) to another airport to fly out of. For example, if you fly into Berlin, catch a bus to Paris, and fly out of Paris, then the mileage between Berlin and Paris will be calculated as part of this award."


I am still trying to understand your question after reading a few times. Please bear with me as there are a lots of information and words provided above.

You are flying PER-CAI (stopover) with Emirates and wanting to know what to do with CAI-Rome/Split?

Are you planning to book the return as a single trip (multi-city or RTW)? e.g. PER-DXB-CAI-Rome-Split-XXXXX-PER?

Having a look at getting from CAI to Rome/Split, it seems that it is much easier to get to Rome. Most flights from CAI to Split stops over in Rome.

Once you reclarify what it is you wish to do, I can try to provide more info.


thanks for the reply! It is a bit confusing looking over my questions.

Ive 560k+ points and don’t know the best way to use them business class for 2. I’m realising Cairo -Split is way to difficult so will do it in a different order.

I want to get from

Perth to Cairo, Cairo to Rome, Rome to Malaga Spain, return- then overland Rome to Venice. Venice to Split. then from Split home.

I have just read that a RTW doesn’t need to go all round, if this in incorrect then we  would find a few day stop off somewhere in south America.

What is the best advice for trying to search the airlines and routes that  are covered under Qantas RTW, multi city, classic awards or any other way?- As some routes don’t show up on the website.

I read Emirates aren’t available but they are still showing as a partner? I was hoping for the A380 Business from Perth!

  • what makes it more difficult is I’m trying to plan this an a vessel in the middle of the timor sea with slower than dial up speed internet Ha!


Thanks again