What to do when airline does not offer refund for Covid-19 related cancellation?

AIRNORTH Domestic flights - Flying Darwin/Kununurra ( sole carrier) will NOT offer a refund for virus cancellation, only 1 year credit - BUT they offer a HIGHER oneway ticket $489 which they
will refund. At age 80, I may not be able to travel next year, end of April flight, duration 1hr+…
Unfair on seniors, any comments

I don’t think you will have much luck seeing as there are technically no restrictions on domestic travel at the moment.

A credit is a fair offer.

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Depending on your flight date, might be worthwhile holding out from calling Qantas. As the situation is quite fluid and dynamic, borders closing etc, things might change in favour of your situation. If you can get fortunate and get through the helpline to speak to a human, they may be able to make a more reasonable decision on your circumstances. Ask to speak to a manager if you are getting no where with the agent.

On paper, I think they will only give you a flight credit. But they might be kind and offer you a refund. Low chances but if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

All the best and take care.