What to do if ticket no. missing from Qantas itinerary?

I recently booked a QF classic reward flight over the phone. Despite being able to see the booking on my phone app, I noticed on the website it said the booking was still processing. I had to call back a couple of times to get them to push the points deduction through and an eticket/itinerary issued.

I finally got an itinerary emailed to me however it is actually missing the ticket number in the passenger information.

I also noticed at the top of the PDF it just says “Itinerary Receipt” rather than “E-ticket & Itinerary Receipt”.

Has anyone experienced this before? I’m getting a bit sick of calling Qantas to make sure this booking is ok!

I had this exact same issue and just double checked both of my confirmations, they definitely have ticket numbers.

I spent almost 5 hours on the phone over 2 days and it completely drained my life. Got cut off a number of times and it was just terrible.

That said, I got her to wait on the phone to me until I checked the information in each confirmation. Might be worth calling again.

For what it’s worth, I have noticed they recently changed their button options. If you say that the flight your calling about IS your next flight, the wait time is WAY less.

I ended up calling back and they advised it had been ticketed and they sent me a manual copy with the Eticket numbers included. So, I think we’re all good now.

It is strange though, when I request a copy of the itinerary or the tax invoice from the app or website - the email comes through with the same pdf that doesn’t show any ticketing or invoice information. Just the itinerary.

I guess it’s just down to bookings over the phone being much more of a manual process than through the website???

So much stress from Qantas recently!