What to do if Krisflyer miles expiring right outside expiry extended period?

Hi, I have over 400k KF miles expiring in April 2022 and I note that they have not been extended. Given travel is slowly returning, I suspect it is unlikely they will be extended. However, miles expiring in March 2022 have been extended to Sep 2022. It doesn’t seem to make sense that miles expiring is March 2022 have been extended to September 2022, yet those expiring in April 2022 are still expiring in April 2022. It would make sense (and be much fairer) if all miles expiring between April-August 2022 be extended to September 2022.

What do people think about this?

I have tried contacting Singapore Airlines twice in the last month but with no response. They only allow contact via the webform. Does anyone have an email address?


If you are looking for an immediate resolution, calling them up is the most effective way to guarantee a response. Yes it’s a pain but better than being ignored.

Thanks for the suggestion. I think they only have the general number now (13 10 11).

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Yep seems to be the case.