What to do if Iberian award seats are available on British Airways but not on Qantas site?

Hi I am having major difficulties trying to book via the Qantas site one particular sector in September 2019
NYC - to any European location in business class without requiring a connection in London.
I would like to avoid the London connection and not incur the corresponding huge taxes.
Iberian Airlines flys via Madrid and is showing business class fares on the British Airways site but is not available via Qantas site. Several Iberian flights that do appear available on the Qantas site bus class eg to Milan or Zurich on Fri 13th Sept 2019 come up as an error when attempting to book. I phoned Qantas and they said their site currently incorrectly shows Iberian bus class flights, and they only have economy flights available.

Is this a common problem and do different one world partners get different allocations of flights

Bottom line is a business class Iberian Airways redemption flight that appears available on the BA site suppose to be available to book via all oneworld partners ??


I believe if Iberian seats are available on British Airways website, it should be available to other oneworld member programs.

There is the possibility of phantom seats (seats that are not actually there).

Try hanging up and calling again. Sometimes it is a matter of getting the right Qantas agent.