What to do if I am having issues with Point Hacks Flybuys promotion code?

I recently use the promo code PH5000 after spending $250+ with Coles Online _ (which was done before 28th Feb)_and registering my Flybuys card before I began the order. After placing the order and having it delivered, Coles couldn’t provide one item so this took my my order to $240-38.
Concerned I wouldn’t get my bonus I contacted Coles Online whom then told me to contact Flybuys. Flybuys are of the opinion that this code plus the other codes are bogus.

Could someone please provide me with some clarity on this information, quote”Use these exclusive promo codes to earn up to 6,000 bonus flybuys points with Coles Online”


Many thanks Mat

Hi there, that sounds like a frustrating situation, which occured through no fault of your own. Could you please copy and paste this message in an email to assist@pointhacks.com and we can resolve this over email?

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No problems thanks Matt