What strategy should I be looking at for hotel bookings? Should I be earning directly with hotel programs or earning airmiles?


I have learnt so much when it comes to collection of points esp for airline ff points. However feel very unsure when it comes to hotel bookings. We have mostly taken points gained following work bookings and have accounts with SPG (610 small), Marriott (18k so small), Rydges (80 small) or occasionally we book via Qantas hotels.

Is there a summary of ways to go about bookings to get max points e.g. Book with points earning credit card via certain sites? I know it all depends on personal goals etc. I just feel lost in determining my overall strategy.

Stacey, the only co-branded Hotel card in Oz is the Hilton Macquarie Visa card. If you are loyal to Hilton, then its a good idea to put all your Hilton spend on that card.

So basically, someone with no Hilton status will earn 10 base points and another 4 points for paying with the Hilton card (total 14 Hilton points per $). Someone with top tier Diamond status will earn 20+4 (total 24 points per $).

SPG or Marriott unfortunately have no co-branded cards in Australia. However, SPG and Amex have a partnership which means that if you have an Amex points earning card, those points indirectly earn SPG points ( they earn Amex points which can be transferred to SPG).

Now, since SPG was taken over by Marriott 18 months ago, SPG points itself can be transferred to Marriott. 1 SPG point = 3 Marriott points.

Hope I haven’t confused you even more.

Thanks Rohit I will check them out.


What about ways to get multiple points like booking via an internet site where I could credit towards airline but when at booking in my hotel program would still apply. If course if paying via credit card that is linked to points then I am earning at least some points on top of the booking. Am I confusing? Just looking for a jem really.

If you book a say Marriott hotel via Qantas what points would you get?

Are Qantas points for hotels worth it or would it be best to obtain the hotel one and consider transfer / reward stay or even the flight holiday packages. How would the cents value be calculated?