What should I use my British Airways Avios for? I've moved to Australia from the UK

I have quite a lot of British Airways miles (avios). But now i have moved to australia and don’t fly with BA any more. Can I use them with Qantas?
I tried keeping my BA membership, but they don’t accept me if I am living in australia. Grateful for any suggestions….

BA is one world, so you can redeem with OW partners all the same, including Qantas for regional flights. BA.com should tell you which is best (no you can’t transfer it to QF).

Qantas is a BA redemption partner, so you’e set to use your Avios over here.
There are a couple of guides on using Avios for those in Australia which might help:

  1. Purchasing Avios for Australians
  2. Looking at AA vs BA for domestic redemptions on Qantas

As for your account, as long as you can use a suitable UK address, there’s no practical issues with continuing to use it while you’re in Australia.