What should I do if I have Virgin international flights booked in February to travel in October?

Good morning, does anybody have a suggestion about what to do in this scenario? I booked flights to Vancouver at the beginning of February on the Virgin’s website, to fly in October. It seems very obvious that Virgin will not be flying internationally for a while, so although Virgin’s current cancellation policy is only waiving fees for flights up to 30 September, I wonder if there is anything that could be done. My best guess is that I will have to wait and see what will happens with the new owners, but I will be happy to hear any other suggestion.

Many thanks,


Hi @williansjose

Wait and see. Almost certainly the flight will be cancelled and you’ll get your refund. Or you could try calling and asking for it now – there’s no harm in asking.

Do you know what the operating airline is? Will it be Delta Airlines? As I think it will be unlikely that VA will be the one taking you across the Pacific. Delta is operating flight at the moment.

Most likely, it will be best to wait and see. I have read random articles that mentioned the new owners will honour flights booked.

Thank you for your reply! I called them before but they said that because my flight is scheduled after the 30th of September they cannot do anything now! It would be up to Virgin’s new owners. So, I will have to wait until the flight is officially cancelled.

thanks for your comments, I guess that I will have to wait. The problem is that I was going to Vancouver for a conference that now has been cancelled so I don’t really need to go! So, once again, it seems that all I can do is wait and see.