What’s the best way to manage Velocity points if moving to Sweden?


I’ve got a stack of points with virgin Australia but have just moved to Sweden. I saw SAS was part of the Star Alliance group and that Singapore Air might be the bridging gap between the two.

Is it possible to transfer my points to Singapore and then SAS? I noticed I’ll loose points in the transfer between Virgin and Singapore so assume I’ll loose even more when moving them again from Singapore to SAS. Am I better off just leaving them in Singapore Airs program?

Anyone know a more efficient way of doing this?

You cannot transfer from Singapore to SAS. You can transfer from Velocity to Singapore at a rate of 1.55:1.
You can redeem SAS flights using Singapore Airlines’ Krisflyer points and so you don’t have to transfer over to SAS to be able to redeem their flights.
I would keep the points in Velocity and transfer points as needed to Singapore Airlines if you are planning travel on SAS. Velocity points have no expiry date as long as there is activity in the past 18 months of the account whereas Singapore Airlines’ have a hard deadline of 3 years after “earned” the points.
Any questions let me know.