What points should I be collecting if planning for Perth to Europe trip in October 2021?

Hi all

We are off to Europe in Sept/Oct 2021 for around 4-5 weeks.

Looking to fly Business all or part of the way return. Last few international flights have been Qantas, Cathay & Singapore all in business…so hoping to keep the trend going :slight_smile:

If you were in the same position, with no points in any scheme…where would you concentrate the points gathering?

I would focus on getting points on the programs which you can use your points on those 3 airlines you would like to fly.

Qantas and Cathay are both part of the OneWorld alliance. The easiest way to get points for this alliance would be Qantas Frequent flyer given the amount of partnerships they have in Australia. You can also earn asia miles (Cathay’s program) using AMEX cards.

For Singapore Airlines, it is possible to redeem Velocity points for that and it is quite easy to earn as well with many partnerships in Australia. It is also possible to transfer Velocity points to Krisflyer at a 1.55:1 ratio if you want more access to Singapore Airlines premium cabin award space. Otherwise, Krisflyer miles can also be earned via credit cards such as AMEX, Westpac and more.


Thanks djtech

I should have been a bit more clear…i don’t really have a preference on an airline…just wanting to keep the trend of flying business going :slight_smile:

So basically if staring from scratch…which program should i concentrate on based on ease of earning/availability of J ?

Well in terms of ease of earning, the two main programs in Australia - qantas and velocity is the easiest to earn. They have decent partners which will get you to Europe comfortably. Otherwise, you can consider earning some flexible credit card points which can transfer to other programs such as Krisflyer or Asia Miles which could be helpful as well.