What points could I earn by flying Singapore Airlines (booked via Virgin Australia)?

Hi Everyone,

I booked a flight to Italy later this year online with Virgin Australia. I notice they use Singapore Airlines to get me there (Milan). I’m wondering whether I will be earning Velocity Points or Kris Flyer points?
I have tried asking two different Velocity people on the phone but all I do is get transferred from one consultant to another! (offshore)

Separately, I used some built up Velocity Points to purchase a reward Bus Class seat on the way back. That flight uses Etihad. Is it possible to earn points as I have purchased this return fare using my own points via the redemption system? If so, would I earn Velocity Points or Guest MIles?


depends on which membership number you enter when purchasing the paid tickets.

you could credit the SQ flights to your velocity account

You can’t earn points on flights you paid for with points. Your Etihad flight will earn you zero points.

You are best off emailing virgin to try and get a better answer