What options do I have for expiring Krisflyer miles?

I have some Kris Flyer miles that will apparently expire soon, although there will be an extension due to covid. Is there any way of having them longer? Eh by transferring points in?

No. Unlike our Australian FF programs, they have a hard deadline and can’t be extended by further activity.
Depending on your points balance and your future travel plans, it would be good to look in future travel or in a pinch, transfer them to Velocity.

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I’m not sure what you mean by “soon” but are you aware that the soonest your miles will expire is January 2023?

Also, depending on your status you can pay to extend your expiring points after that for either six or twelve months at a cost of 1200 points or US$12 per 10,000 points.

More information below (scroll down to “Extension of expiring KrisFlyer Miles”).


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Thanks, but it’s not enough points to justify that:)