What options are there for buying miles for Star Alliance frequent flyer programs?

Does anyone know of how to buy star alliance miles apart from using the promotions offered by mileage plus program or lifemiles (which is extremely bad - not even tempted to by from these people even with there 150% bonus atm). Any information would be great
Also, how to by miles for oneworld and best promotions?
Also how to buy mile for Qantas frequent flyer program and best promotions?

That’s a few questions in one!

Firstly, Mileage Plus and Lifemiles are the primary programs that sell miles within Star Alliance. You’ll have to pick the right promotions, but you won’t find any better value out there for buying miles.

Oneworld - the usual way is via AAdvantage, but Avios are also an option.

Buying Qantas Points is a non-starter, very expensive and not possible to buy many points.

Please explain why you say lifemiles is extremely bad, that even at 150% bonus (which they don’t have atm, it’s 135%. If 150%, everyone will rush to buy it!) you are not tempted to buy it.

Because if there really is a 150% bonus, it will bring the cost of LM down to 1.32 cents each. At that price, SYD to HND/ICN is only $528 one way in business class, to US and Europe would be just about $1000 in business class flying Skytrax’s 5 star airlines! This is even cheaper than Jetstar! If that is still not tempting to you, then you better not buy any miles as there will never be any other offer that is better than this, and I am afraid no one else can help you as your expectation is unrealistic.



Sorry my bad,


its 135% bonus plus another 10% if you buy before the 15th of September.


I can never find availability for a 1 way flight business or first using lifemiles to go to Europe. Im planning a trip in July next year and surprise suprise no availability booking through there website.


Ive contacted there customer service centre about it and it took them one week to respond to my question and now no response to my follow up question. ( 2 weeks )


If there was another way to use lifemiles to book, then sure, it would be great. please advise