What lounges in Europe do I have access to as a Velocity Gold member?

Hi I have just recently earned Velocity Gold.
I will be traveling quite a bit in Europe early next year.
I was looking at the list of partner lounges and don’t see much in Europe besides Alitalia. I do see Delta as a lounge partner and I know I will have access to Delta lounges while in the USA and flying Delta.
When I look on the Delta website, it says there are many partner airlines such as the KLM lounge in Amsterdam, Air France lounge in Berlin, Sala lounges in Spain, etc. etc.

So my question is, do I get access to these lounges as well? As partners of partners? Is there an exhaustive list somewhere of the 150 lounges we get access to as gold? Virgin’s website is a bit convoluted.

Also does anyone have much experience in Virgin Gold partner lounges in Europe?

Thanks in Advance


Velocity lounge access has historically always been a mixed bag and changes often. Lo and behold, it has changed again since my last visit.


I don’t really mind the updated page. There seems to be more of an order this time round.

Most of the partner airlines lounge access all uses the following words for conditions (except Etihad). E.g. for Alitalia - “Lounge access is available when the flight you are travelling on is an Alitalia operated flight and the lounge is [owned and operated] by Alitalia.” Key words are operated and own & operated. So the partner lounges of these airlines are not accessible. E.g. you can’t access Thai Airways lounges even when they are partners of Singapore Airlines.

For Etihad, the conditions state “Access only available when booked on an Etihad Airways operated flight”. So as long as you are flying on Etihad metal, you will get access to their lounges and their relevant contract/partner lounges. Etihad have their own lounges in London and Paris. You can search for their lounge locations here. https://www.etihad.com/en/fly-etihad/lounges

This is of course until they decide to update/change their website or lounge arrangement again. So check often before you fly.