What lounge access do I have as a Velocity Gold member flying Sydney to Denpasar via Canberra and Singapore?

Im planning a little velocity status run with virgin next year to coincide with a wedding in bali.

My question is the flight from Sydney to Canberra considered a domestic flight or is it considered part of an international flight?

If i wanted to access the virgin lounge in sydney before the flight would it be in the domestic or international lounge?

And last question, as a velocity gold member is there any lounge in singapore where i would have access to? Or is it only if you have a business class ticket?

Hi there,

  1. Since it is a single flight number from Sydney to Singapore via Canberra, it's considered an international flight even with the Canberra stop and would depart from the international terminal.
  2. The VA lounge you would go to would be the international one, although you could also choose to go to the SQ lounge if I'm not mistaken.
  3. As a passenger transiting through Singapore on an SQ ticket, you would be able to access Singapore airlines Silverkris lounges in Changi during your transit due to your status.
Hope that helps

Thanks for that jimmy. From reading a few articles i think i would only have access to the singapore lounge in sydney though.

The lounge that virgin uses called “the house” is only for passengers on virgin or etihad ticketed and operated flights. Even though i would be purchasing my flight through virgin its still operated by singapore airlines.

This page has the up-to-date info on lounge access as a Velocity Gold.


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