What is wrong with this proposed Qantas Oneworld RTW itinerary?

I am having trouble working my routing as it comes up with too many points for RTW with qantas, I know that means it breaks the rules but can not work out how.
LHR - MAD as a transfer
MAD - PTY - this then routes me back via LHR but if I put in LHR to PTY it does not allow it?

Can anyone help with what is wrong. Anywhere in Central America is fine (or close enough to easily transfer, going to Costa Rica & Panama

You haven’t mentioned which airlines the flights are with - I assume the PTY-SCL leg will bring you unstuck as I can’t think of a Oneworld carrier that would serve this route unless you’re going via the states with AA.
Remember all airlines need to be part of Oneworld, not just Qantas partners.

Was going to do that PTY LEG independently, just trying to add it for mileage. Was using Qantas, BA, IBeria, Malaysian and Sri Lankan. But am at screaming point as Qantas site keeps going “something went wrong” and then you have to start again. Plus it wont let you see what dates it does have the business class legs on. Seems to be you pick a date for all legs, then if one does not have Business class you have to start all again and pick another date. Surely there is a more simple way?

Qantas points A new possible route, cant try this out either as not enough rows on multi trip tool in Qantas and if you try and do each one individually it wont show for instance Sri lankan airlines as a start.
I think it fits within the rules
ADL KUL (less than 24 hour stop) CMB (stop 1)
CMB LHR (stop 2)
LHR MAD (less than 24 hour stop) SJO (Stop 3)
overland leg to BOG
BOG MAD (less than 24 hour stop) AMM (Stop 4)
AMM DOH (less than 24 hour stop) DEL (stop 5)
DEL - KUL (less than 24 hour stop) ADL

This would use Malaysian, Sri Lankan, BA, Iberia, Royal Jordonian, Qatar ( but not qantas - do you have to use one of theirs?).

Can anyone advise if this is within rules and also how you find what dates for each leg have business class points availability/


G’day @steve.carol
I’ll try and answer your questions as best I can, but please bear in mind the Qantas website can be a bit finnicky and just not like some searches for whatever reason.

If you wanted to just try and fix your particular itinerary, if you already know there’s flights available, then you can just try and add each major leg (max 5) until it fails.

For some more general advice: In my opinion, the best way to start searching for award availability, and more specifically business class availability, is to search each major leg individually (i.e. ADL - CMB, or BOG - AMM). You should search for these legs still using the multi-city tool, but only inputting one leg at a time. This will give you a calendar view of when the flights are, and a misleading, but still relevant, view of different class availability. Once you’ve found the flights you want, write them down somewhere, and rinse and repeat. It is a frustrating thing to do, and will take time, but when creating complex itineraries like this it is how it is. I will note though, that Qantas does not let you use certain airports as the first departing port, such as Colombo (atleast on the website).

Secondly, your airline choices seem fine, as they’re all oneworld airlines. You do NOT have to fly Qantas. I will say that Qatar has severly curtailed most of their award availability to Qantas, so you might have trouble finding business class on Qatar.

I think the search is failing due to the lack of the engine to search for flights from DEL - ADL. I punched in your itinerary as follows:

This actually worked, and gave me the correct pricing for a RTW trip (I wasn’t bothered to find biz availability). It does also work to route back to ADL, if you skip the Dehli leg (go AMM - ADL). Someone more intelligent than me can figure that one out. ADL is not a very well connected airport, so you might have better success connecting from the east coast anyway.

Sorry if this creates more questions than answers, but let me know if I can help.

Thanks, can get most of it to work, so will work on real dates and ring to book a everytime at some point - even when you get all flights set and selected, once you go “continue” it falls over. Great system. :slight_smile: