What is wrong with my Qantas oneworld RTW itinerary?

Following the guide on the website ive tried to book a RTW trip via the qantas site.
But it seems like it is calculating each flight as separate points rather than the fixed 318000 points for business class. Is there something I have missed?

An example of my itinerary is

Sydney to LA
SYD ⇾ NAN 1970 mi
NAN ⇾ LAX 5519 mi

LA to Tokyo
LAX ⇾ YVR 1081 mi
YVR ⇾ NRT 4674 mi

Tokyo to London
NRT ⇾ HND 37 mi
HND ⇾ LHR 5975 mi

London to Melbourne
LHR ⇾ HKG 5995 mi
HKG ⇾ MEL 4590 mi

Melbourne to Sydney
MEL ⇾ SYD 439 mi

Total: 30278 miles

Booking via the qantas multi city site, brings me up to 460k points.
Have I missed something?

I haven’t booked rtw but believe you need to book from here. Round the world | Qantas AU

Hi Jonathan,

You are correct in using the multi-city tool. Which airlines are you using? I suspect it’s your Nadi/LA connection causing problems if that’s on Fiji Airways, as they are not a full Oneworld partner.

The airlines you can include are:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Finnair
  • Iberia
  • Japan Airlines
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Qantas
  • Qatar Airways
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Royal Jordanian
  • S7 Airlines
  • Sri Lankan Airlines
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Hi Brandon,

Thanks for taking a look.
Ive routed through Fiji as I was cautious to not go through tokyo again.

If i did Syd-> LA via tokyo.
Would that invalidate the RTW fixed points itinerary as well?

As I understand you cant transit/stopover the same airport twice?
Does this sound right?

Hi Jonathan,

I haven’t tested this out personally, but you should be able to get away with it. From our guide:

“You can only stopover in each city once and transit through each city twice on one booking”

So if your stop in Tokyo is less than 24 hours going SYD-LAX, it should be okay. You could also:

  • Explore Hong Kong as a possible transit point as well
  • Fly to MEL, BNE or AKL and see if you can connect to Los Angeles that way

Thanks i’ll give that a go.

Another question I had was around stopovers.

So if we have 5 cities for stopovers.
Say used 1 stopover in LA, and booked my own flights to Vancouver,
then left from Vancouver to Tokyo.

Is that just 1 stopover used with LA even though i leave via a different city?

And in the example in the opening post is that 4 stopovers? as the final Sydney is the destination and not a stopover?

From the oneworld reward T&Cs, taking a ground sector shouldn’t count as a stopover.
However, the distance between the two cities will be taken into account in the overall calculations for mileage (shouldn’t be a problem in your example).

I’ve successfully travel one of these in 2019.
Once you land back in Australia, the starting continent, the RTW finishes. The last leg Melb to Syd would not be valid per rules.

Hi Brendon,
Thanks for all the hard work you’re doing. As mentioned in the post, we have 12 months to complete RTW trip after the first flight but how to book that well in advance, e.g. if my first flight is on 01/11/2022, how can I book for other flights because we can’t book beyond 365 days at the time of booking RTW? Thanks.

Thanks Brandon, ive managed to tweak it and it seems to work.

I do have a question, at the moment Qantas is claiming to allow changes to the bookings without a fee.
Is this something that would apply to the RTW as well?

And how easy is it to make changes once i pay?
Is it doable online or is something that is done over the phone?

Lastly, im a little confused if I can change my itinerary after the first flight has started - on the Qantas page it seems certain things are allowed- but not everything, are you able to elaborate on this please?