What is the optimal way to use the AMEX travel credit?

Very tempted to get the Qantas American Express Ultimate Card that comes with the $450 travel credit and use it as my daily card for the 1.25 points per dollar however after a bit of research it seems pretty difficult to use the $450 travel credit because of this

Customers can only book hotels, car hire or experiences if a Qantas flight is within the same transaction, i.e. Card Members will not be able to use their Qantas Travel Credit solely towards hotel, car or experience bookings.

I don’t see myself ever booking a flight thats not a classic award flight and you cant book those through Amex. Pretty much a dealbreaker for me but I was wondering if anyone else had any ideas on how to use it to see if I miss anything.

The earn rate really is not shabby at all but because you will have to book through AMEX Travel, you won’t be able to use this on a reward ticket. The only way really is to book a Qantas flight. Sometimes it might actually be better to pay cash instead of using points for your flights, for example with Brisbane to Melbourne flights or Sydney to Brisbane flights for example which, when you factor in the taxes for the classic reward flight only nets you about 1 cent per QFF point. That’s an instance where you might consider paying for the ticket with cash/travel credit instead of redeeming points for example.

i have never been able to use my $450 voucher twice. I have had 2 amex cards and never been able to successfully use it. I tried booking a domestic flight via the amex voucher, and while qantas clearly had flights available, none showed up on amex. it’s a complete scam. they dont want you to use them