What is the optimal seating to choose when travelling with a 2 plus toddler in 1-2-1 seat configuration?

The 1-2-1 configuration is great for privacy, but keen to understand if someone has worked out whether it is better to pick (when travelling as a couple with a toddler) 1) three seats in a row; or 2) triangle formation (1 window and 2 centre behind each other or vice versa). The issue I envisage with the first option is that one parent will always have to walk across from the other side.

We have flown twice with our son (2.5 and 3.5 years old). Mum and son sat in the middle seats and I sat across the aisle; son between us. Worked alright for us. Sitting in different rows would render me pretty un-useful as I would not be able to see/notice anything.


Thanks - you convinced me to stick to same row.

If the centre seats are staggered, be sure to book the two next to each other. If both face the aisle you may not be able to reach your child next door. We had a moment when our son, engrossed in tv, grabbed the entire ball of butter to eat! And it is turbulent and seatbelt sign is on. We also had the airline “child meal” out of Melbourne consist of a plate of raw cut vegetables and hommus. Catering manager obviously asleep that day and here is where economy beats business: it is easier to share food, entertain and comfort young children in flight when you have three seats together with armrests that lift to create a space. Dunno what the solution is here, parents take turns flying up front outbound / inbound?

Thanks for sharing. I saw the Qantas A330-200 seat map and it seems like the middle seats don’t actually align with the corresponding window seats. The middle section runs to 8 rows while the window runs only to 7 on one side and 6 on the other (to accomodate an extra toilet) Called Qantas to ask about the misalignment but was told they do and the seat map on the website has a ‘glitch’! So I am really hoping all the seats in row 3 align.

Given your experience, I might just do lap travel when the seat belt light is on and during meals. My son is not even 2 yet but long and heavy enough to need his own seat.

The way the middle seats are arranged on a Qantas A330-200, makes the middle seats pretty bad for travelling with a toddler. These ones in the red circles might be the better ones to choose.

Being under 2 years old, the good thing is during take off and landing, your son can be on a parent’s lap. Our son didn’t enjoy being away from mum some of the times.