What is the most point/cost effective way to do Emirates/Etihad first class long haul?

hi everyone,
just a quick question, what is the cheapest points/taxes combination to do long haul Aus to say EU, doing first class on both etihad or emirates,

I really want to try both and almost enough points to do both?

I know emirates has high taxes so there is nothing you can do about that
I was told the best way for both is to use a 2ppd/3ppd earning credit card and from there transfer to the various programs

for example krisflyer is 296-300k odd points plus $300 for AU to EU first class return, as a comparison

and ive never flown any of them, is emirates/etihad first class the industry benchmark for the best 1st class?

Hi hellohello123,

The website awardace.com might be helpful to you.

To figure out the cash component, I usually check on the FF program if I have sufficient points. Otherwise, I use websites like Google Matrix to figure out the cash component.

My friends tell me, Singapore Airlines and Emirates suites are the benchmark. Etihad has been going down hill and cost cutting fast. However, the Apartment might just be worth a bucketlist tick off.