What is the most luxurious/comfortable Business Class from Sydney to Los Angeles?

Hi guys, what do you think is the most luxiurious and comfortable business class airline that flies from Sydney to LA?
We recently flew Qantas Business 747 from Syd to Japan and it was pretty good but the seats were slightly too short for me lying flat. Also feeling slightly old and tired, and the TV screen was complete crap, just like economy with horrible response to touch.

I’m mainly interested in the comfort level though. Thanks for your recommendations.

If you fly one of Qantas’ 787s their business suites are quite good. However, I find Virgin’s seat more comfortable and that is similar to American airline’s business class so their comfort is similar. The current UNited seat is 2-2-2 and has tight footwells but it is pretty comfy. When they retrofit with their 1-2-1 polaris config it will be much better. The Delta One suites are great but find it a bit narrow.

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