What is the likelihood of Singapore Airlines waitlist clearing (Rome to Brisbane in April 2019)?

I am trying to book reward business flights for April 2019 next year with my velocity points converting to Krisflyer. I have been playing with destinations and dates and can get us to Cairo on the way there early April but want to come home via an alternate destination such as Rome or Istanbul. There are lots of dates on waitlist. I am worried about not being approved for 2 business fares. What is the likelihood? How much of a risk would I taking? Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank You

Hi Fakaata,

SQ waitlist is a mystery. I would be surprised if anyone could tell you with much certainty when your waitlist would clear.

I would suggest that you waitlist for as many flights as you can. Make backup plans if you really need to travel on those dates. You could also ring Krisflyer and request the agent for a  ‘chaser’ on the waitlist request to try and nudge it along.

Good luck.