What is the fastest way to Air NZ Gold from Virgin Velocity Gold?

I am a Gold Member of Virgin Velocity with over 300,000 points. I recently signed up with Air NZ Airpoints, since my daughter moved to Auckland, as Air NZ has an overnight direct flight from Perth to Auckland all year round. I would like to be able to use Airpoints to upgrade to business class or Premium economy as I don’t believe I can use my Velocity points to upgrade on any code shared flights? Unfortunately, Virgin has none of its own planes flying this direct route on which I could use my Velocity points.
Any suggestions as to how I may quickly get upgraded on Air NZ Airpoints? Are there any credit cards which earn a better rate of points or have a joining up bonus Airpoints? I also travel periodically to Europe, Japan and Denver, Colorado but apart from the latter don’t believe Air NZ flights are particularly useful for earning points going to these destinations?
Is there any way of transferring Velocity Points to Air NZ Airpoints like the arrangement Virgin has with Singapore Airlines Kris Flyers?

Not directly answering your question, but as Singapore and Air New Zealand are both in Star Alliance you could transfer your Velocity points to Krisflyer. Krisflyer points can be used to upgrade on any Star Alliance carrier including ANZ - https://www.singaporeair.com/pdf/ppsclub_krisflyer/charts/StarAlliance_OneWayUpgrades.pdf \r\nIt looks like it might only be 18K Krisflyer points for the upgrade, but AirNZ are notoriously bad for upgrade availability.


http://statusmatcher.com/company/air-new-zealand is the site you should have a read on.

It seems VA Gold has not bad chances of being matched for NZ Gold. Have a read of the successful matches and do what they did.

Krisflyer to Velocity transferability is a rarity. Airlines like customers to stay loyal as it is essentially a loyalty program. No point asking customers to go fly with other airlines even when they are in the same alliance or partnership. It is a business after all and a very competitive one.

However, you can definitely redeem on partner flights. One avenue is transfer your Velocity points to Krisflyer and redeem Air New Zealand flights? I believe Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand are in Star Alliance.

Good luck. It seems like you have a good shot for status match. Do report back with outcome.

For Air NZ earning credit card comparison, check out the master table.


Krisflyer (and partners) also flies to Europe, Japan and US too.