What is the cheapest way to fly to Europe using Qantas points?

Hey there,

I’m looking to travel to UK/EU in 2021 using Qantas points. Most likely will be heading to London, Amsterdam, Italy, Austria and Spain.

I see that a return economy trip to London is 110k Qantas points (+ Tax) but I was wondering if there’s a cheaper route to get there?

Any advice is appreciated!

The 110k pts one way costs will be the lowest amount of pts as it is on the first award table (flying Qantas/Emirates). By flying on other airlines or via Hong Kong (for example), the taxes may be lower but the point costs may go up if the airline is not on the first award table.


I can think of one rare possibility where the revenue costs of the airfare being really low (super sale to LCC pricelevels) that Anytime Seats would convert to a really low Qantas point costs. Very unlikely in my books.