What is the cheapest redemption option/program for Emirates/Etihad First Class?

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Have recently caught the points collecting bug and have been a busy bee collecting points from various sources,
One of my bucket lists is to fly in the top First Class airlines, it seems SIngapore, Etihad, Emirates are in the top 3 depending on opinion.

For Australia to Europe redemptions,
Krisflyer is 296,000 points plus $300 odd in taxes
However, looking at Etihad and Emirates, the points required are all 400,000 points with $1000-$1500 in taxes/surcharges,
I have looked at qantas, Amex, velocity and etihad and Emirates programs, and unless im doing it wrong, the points and taxes combo are so much higher compared to Krisflyer.

If I’m absolutely set on flying Etihad and Emirates First Class, is there a way to get both or more importantly the taxes down to Krisflyer levels?

Hello Hellohello123,

The reality is that some airlines charge more fees/surcharges than others. As you’ve discovered, Singapore Airlines charges are quite low. Emirates and Etihad are quite high.

If you are absolutely set on flying Emirates and Etihad, there’s not all that much you can do, although this Point Hacks article (and the other one about government charges which the article links to) will probably help a little.

In the end, by far the best way to avoid high taxes and surcharges is to fly another airline.

I hope this helps!