What is the cheapest and quickest way to earn 15 Qantas status credits from Melbourne?

So rollover is at end of January, I am 15 status credits short of gold (well 45, but i get a bonus 50 with 15 more - double status didnt give bonus points for 500)

While it is 80% likely that i will be doing another work trip or 2, being the holiday season, it may not happen. Options for cheapest least time taking trip from Melbourne to anywhere to get those 15 creds?

Suggest looking for cheap return tickets from Melbourne that gives you your required credits, i find qantas.com helps

Hi raphec,

Firstly thanks to “jackbauer”


for the most useless post of this century (& last) :)’ ;)’

Here’s the best deal I can find today -

Sat 26/1/19 Jetstar

MEL-LST (Launceston) 06.10 - 07.15 @$49 + $40 Plus bundle

LST-MEL 15.35 - 16.40 @$65 ($49 for member) + $40 Plus bundle

Total $194 for 20 SC’s at $9.70 per SC

or if you are a Jestar member (& you should be if you are chasing SC’s each year)

a total of $178 for 20 SC’s at $8.90 per SC.

You can of course get SC’s for as little as $5 per SC if you plan well ahead however $178 to get Gold is sure worth it.

Cheers, G.