What is the best ways to do Sydney-Paris, London-New York, then New York-Sydney with Velocity points?

Hi Everyone,
We’re currently looking at a holiday next May.
We currently have 494k velocity points, gold membership (don’t know if that matters, exp Nov18).
We’re thinking Paris, London & NYC.
What we’ve come up with is
Singapore Air, Sydney to Paris - businss - 210k krisflyer points 2pax
Eurostar to London
Virgin Atlantic, London to NYC - economy 44600 velocity points 2pax
This flight we need to save another 50k points to fly on points.
Singapore Airlines, NYC via Singapore to Sydney premium economy - 190k krisflyer points 2 pax

Total without London to NYC velocity points is 492750.

Has anyone done this before or has some advice on best way to do it?
We’ve done this with transferring to Kris for singapore air flights given availability.

Thanks in advance


Hi Chris,

It actually looks like you’re pretty much on top of things. You’re definitely on the right track.  A few random thoughts…

  • The only advantage of being Velocity Gold now is that if you have to call Velocity customer service before your Gold expires, you should receive a slightly more attentive, helpful and friendly level of service.
  • Getting another 50k points shouldn't be too difficult -- a decent credit card sign-up bonus should do the trick. My experience is that AmEx is a good option: their sign-up bonuses come through very quickly after you've met the spend and qualification criteria. In fact the bonuses have been known to come through before the criteria have been met! Also AmEx reward points can be directly converted to KrisFlyer miles at a very good transfer rate, making them even more attractive in your situation.
  • Have you considered using KrisFlyer points for a Business class Round The World redemption? You'll need 240,000 KrisFlyer Miles per person (=324,000 Velocity points per person). I know you're not there yet, but you're pretty close! That would be an excellent option for you, as you'll be able to take every flight in business class. Given that there's two of you, getting those extra points may take less time than you think!

Hi Chris. We did something similar a few year back, but going in reverse. Do you have any Qantas points at all? They would be a perfect fit for the leg between europe/USA. Also, have you checked availability on virgin between US and Sydney? Would be less points than SQ option, but assuming you have already that’s why flying SQ.

We did our trip in reverse because it gave better availability (and taxes from memory). You can read about it here, it may or may not give you some ideas.