What is the best way to use expiring Krisflyer miles?

I have 125000 Krisflyer points expiring in early 2022. Normally I would use them for flights but with limited travel I am stuck. What would be my other options?

Hi @rowliebrowne

Any KrisFlyer points that expire before the end of March 2022 will be extended for six months. Here’s hoping that travel will be sort-of back to normal by then. Remember, you need to book your flights before the expiry date: you don’t need to take your flights by then.

Hi @sixtyeight

Did Singapore Airlines announce this recently coz my latest statement mentions that some of the points in my accountwill be expiring in Dec 2021.

Singapore Airlines has been extending KrisFlyer points by six months since just after the pandemic started. As the table shows, points expiring in December 2021 will be extended until June 2022. It should just happen automatically when December hits. I have points expiring in December too.