What is the best way to use 100,000 Qantas Points to fly Brisbane to London?


If you were to travel from Australia (pref. Brisbane) to London AND;
we split the trip into 2 halves (ignoring the direct Perth to London flights for now);
what’s the best way to do this using 100,000 Qantas points?

Brisbane to Hong Kong, Singapore & Dubai seem to get return fares for under the 100k Qantas Points then the idea is you have more options for normal discounted fares from those airports to just buy a return fare to London.

Unless I’m missing better ideas?

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

After reading articles on Point Hacks here, I’ve noticed you can get BUSINESS CLASS to KL RETURN for a similar amount of points but couldn’t get them to come up in my searches unfortunately. As that would have been another good half way desination option

Your strategy is correct given your limited amount of points. However, a return flight between Brisbane and Asia will cost you 120k in business. You’ll also have more options in terms of how your getting to the UK. I’d also suggest looking at business fares between Asia and London which can be quite cheap.

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Hi djtech thanks very much.

I couldn’t find the ~100-120k business class return to Asia. I did start with this, trying to find the KL flights with Malasia airlines but couldn’t find any in reality?
But yeah when you can find economy return to large Asian airports at 55k it’s not worth the extra 60 odd k in points for the upgrade.

Anyway, I’ll check out those business class airfares on the London leg, that would be awesome! :slight_smile:


The lowest priced awards are on Qantas metal so you’d want to look at Business class seats on Qantas’ flights to Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila, Bangkok and more!

Yeah thanks mate. Appreciate the input but like I said I’ve tried at least all of those and more and couldn’t find any business class returns for the 120k you mention.
Also as mentioned, (if I did find them at 120k), I could find economy at 60k return. Do you really think it’s worth upgrading to Business for ~60k? I don’t as that’s a Point Hacks conversion at $1,200. A hotel, transfers and meals as a stop over would be less.

If you were going to travel in Economy, it is often better to just pay cash. Qantas has fare sales down to $600 for return flights to Asia. In that case you’d only get about 1 cent per point (that’s not taking into account the taxes you need to pay).

The best use of points is almost always in premium cabins. It is hard to find space especially on Qantas but it will be the best value. I’d also suggest looking at Emirates as they are pretty generous with Business Class space even if their products are subpar. Emirates flies from Brisbane and Melbourne to Singapore. You can redeem them for the same 120k return as Qantas.


Thanks djtech. Yeah I would prefer to use them for Business tbh.
After all of that I think it’s just going to be best to get a one way Business class on just one of the longer legs.
I think I’m going to opt for BNE>MEL>DXB with Emirates Business for 96k vs BNE>LHR with British Airways Business for 92k because I hear BA Bus. Class is no where close to Emirates?

*First time I’ve ever seen those additional charges! Wow! I was honestly naive enough to think you could just use 100% points. #learningfast

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