What is the best way to transfer Accor points to Krisflyer miles?

Hello Pointhackers

If you can please confirm if I am doing my sums right

I have 50,000 Accor points, which i can transfer 1 to 1 for qantas or velocity
However Accor to Krisflyer, will only give me 2:1 or 25,000
My favoured points are carried into Qantas or Singapore Airlines

So shall i transfer my Accor to Velocity at 1;1 being 50,000. Then transfer my Velocity to Krisflyer, which will result in 37,050 points

So if i do via velocity i get 37,050, rather than 25,000 if i do a direct from Accor to Krisflyer

I would of preferred to change to Qantas, at full rate
But! I have currently booked Singapore Airlines to Paris, with a taxes cost of only $97 and my return flight with Qantas cost me $700!

So the devaluation in points certainly makes up for the taxes component


2000 Accor points is worth 40 EUR in their program which you can use to pay for hotels. That gives it a value of 2 EUR cents per point or 3 AUD cents per point. If your redemption is worth ~$1600 AUD, then by all means go for it, but otherwise, the use of accor points for frequent flyer program transfers represent relatively bad value.

Yes, thanks for reminding me about hotels says, yes, we do stay at Accor all the time (that is why i have aquired so many points :slight_smile:

I failed to mention i only redeem my points for business class
(eg a business class ticket from Perth to Paris, cost me $97 - but yes i know i had to spend a million to aquire 105,000 krisflyer points; Business class from Paris to Perth with qantas cost me 112,000 points and $700

But yes, something further to think about


The Velocity to Krisflyer transfer rate is now 1.55:1. So 50000 Accor->50000 Velocity->32258 Krisflyer. Still better than 25000 Krisflyer miles from direct transfer.

You are correct. Krisflyer taxes are much much lower than Qantas taxes. Qantas charges a silly amount of carrier surcharge. However, Qantas pts are much easier to earn compared to Krisflyer miles in Australia. Hence, I personally value Krisflyer miles much higher than Qantas points.