What is the best way to top up Krisflyer Miles for a redemption flight?

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for some advice on the best, least expensive, way to top up approx. 38,000 Krisflyer Miles for a redemption flight in August 2020.

I am a Velocity Points member and am travelling to East Africa July/August next year and want to incorporate Dubai as part of my itinerary on the way back. I am planning to redeem flights to Abu Dhabi with Etihad on the way there and wish to fly Singapore Airlines on the way back via Dubai.

Any tips would be fantastic!


Depending on your financial situation, the cheapest option would be to get a new credit card with a large sign up bonus (as opposed to buying Miles etc).

Also, have you looked into Rocket Miles or Kaligo for hotel stays if you have any upcoming holidays? You can earn Krisflyer Miles with both.