What is the best way to stop Qantas points from expiring?

What’s the best way to stop Qantas points expiring?

The most cost effective way is have a family member transfer the minimal amount of points to you, which is near on instant. Other cheap and fast ways to do so is make a purchase at the qantas store or buy some wine through epicure

You could buy something for five bucks from ebay by going through the Qantas online mall portal.

Family transfers are not going to stop points expiring, I quote from Qantas website.

‘Points will not expire provided you earn or use points (excluding Family Transfers and any transfer of points from Qantas Business Rewards) at least once every 18 months.’

If you are a Woolworths shopper, get a Woolworths Rewards Card (free), link it to your QFF and use it when you shop at Woolworths, Big W or Woolies petrol - I think you would need to spend $2000 in the year to get the points (870).  Or as Bofman suggested, shop via the Qantas online mall for minimal purchase, it a super easy and cheap way.

If you are going to lunch or dinner, make a booking through Qantas Restaurants for 100 points per diner.  They are backed by Dimmi so any restaurant you can book through Dimmi you can book on there too.