What is the best way to redeem my Velocity points Sydney to London?

Hi, I’ve been reading this site for a while but never posted, there’s always great answers already here. But, I’m hoping someone can advise the best use of my points for this situation as everything seems to have changed in the last couple of months

I have saved for a long time and have 1.2 million Velocity points and was expecting to be able to get my familiy of 4 Sydney - London June 2023 business class

In May this year (2022) I found plenty of Singapore airlines business class seats on the Velocity website for roughly 155000 points each for April 2023. I’m now searching for 10-11 months out & there are now None! There are some Etihad but they are rare and more expensive and max 2 per flight

What is the best use of these points if we really want to travel June 2023?

I think your strategy here is right. Usually, they will release a small amount of seats at the opening of the schedule but that isn’t a guarantee. With such an in demand route and destination, this is always going to be a tricky task. I would say reset your expectations a little bit. You have to be EXTREMELY lucky to get 4 seats in Business to Europe. Of course, that isn’t to say it isn’t impossible. For example, Etihad is more generous with seats as you’ve already noticed. However, the surcharges are quite high.

Another option you could consider if Velocity isn’t giving you much choice is to transfer your points to Krisflyer when that option becomes open (hopefully soon). That will give you greater access to the business class award availability of singapore airlines.

I will say though, I’d consider 2 seats a reasonable expectation, whilst 4 is a bit optimistic.

Is there any reason Singapore would go from having some Velocity business class seats to litteraly None?

Yes! Simply because they think there is no need to release any. As a rule of thumb, airlines only release reward seats when they think they can’t sell the ticket. Some might have a unofficial rule to release 2 every time the schedule opens up but that isn’t a guarantee. They typically release space for their own members before partners like Velocity. That’s why transferring velocity points to Krisflyer is a popular option and it is confirmed to return on the 19th.

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