What is the best way to get to East Africa using Velocity points?


Any options for using Velocity points to get to East Africa? (e.g. Addis Ababa?)

Singapore Airlines code shares with Ethiopian but can’t seem to find any flights on Krisflyer search tool?

Virgin seems to only go to South Africa/Rabat?

Assume otherwise, best option is book to SIN and then fly from there paying cash?


You could try Etihad. They fly to a limited number of African Destinations. Closest to East Africa they fly to seems to be Nairobi, Kenya. You could redeem points to fly from Australia to Abu Dhabi to Nairobi.

You could also redeem on South African Airways although you’d most likely have to double connect via Perth and Johannesburg to whatever destination in East Africa. Keep in mind though, that their partner Ethiopian flies to Addis Ababa and so you wouldn’t be able to redeem points on that route. You’d have to buy a cash ticket for that sector or fly to another destination operated by SAA aircraft.

Hi rurounimaikeru,

A comprehensive article has just been published to answer your query, hope this helps!



Thanks Steven!

That’s perfect.

The extra fees with Etihad seem a bit steep though, so will have to try one of the alternatives!


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