What is the best way to get from Melbourne to New York in business class with Qantas points? Direct?

Hi, I have 800,000 Qantas points and am wanting to get from Melbourne to New York in business class or above. What is the best way to utilise these points to get 2 people there? I am looking at taking the shortest route possible. Thanks

Hi Joshhoward,

From Qantas website, it shows that the shortest trip you can do is MEL-LAX-JFK (22 + hrs). 2nd shortest option is MEL-SYD-JFK (about 2 hrs extra).

Other partner airlines bookable through Qantas website include Cathay Pacific (via Hong Kong) or Emirates (via Dubai). These are 26-30 hrs 1 way.

As you may know, flights to USA is one of the most popular flights for redemption. Hence, a bit of flexibility wouldn’t hurt too when planning your trip. All 3 airlines have good business class products so its always good to have more options.

Good luck.


Hi, Thanks for that.

So using Qantas website is the best way to do this. No tricks around transferring points and booking through another airline?

Thanks again

You can't transfer Qantas points to another program.  However you may book other airlines (less direct) as hiew suggests

Some routes i would look at are

SYD/MEL To JFK  With Qatar try for the A350 from DOH to JFK

SYD/MEL to Boston with Qatar. That would be A380 and then A350 also

SYD-DFW with Qantas direct and then connect to JFK

Why can’t I seem to find any Business or First Class seats on the Qantas - Melb/LAX/JFK flight anywhere in June, July or August 2017.