What is the best way to get from Brisbane to Europe with 75,000 KrisFlyer Points? I hope to get business class on at least one leg


I am completely new to the world of “points-hacking”, and have spent hours upon hours pouring over as much information as possible. As it stands, i have just received an AMEX with 100,000 Velocity Points (and 100 status credits). From reading, it seems transferring these to KrisFlyer points (around 75,000) is more economical than trying to book through Virgin Australia. Receiving a flight 'upgrade" almost seems more expensive due to having to purchase a “Premium Economy” seat to be able to upgrade to Business, which is quite expensive.

Essentially I am trying to determine what it will cost me from Brisbane to Europe (Preferably Rome or Greece), and whether I could travel Business Class for one of the legs (Maybe Singapore to Europe).

At present, the Singapore Airlines website is showing a Business Class flight from Singapore to Rome as 130,00KF points, which seems a little excessive compared to info on the PointsHack forum?

Any help would be massively appreciated! I’m almost feeling as if the 100, 000 Velocity points will be redundant?

Thank you!

I have a feeling you are looking in the second column on the right to get your points value. Your want the saver option which could be sold out.\r\n\r\nTry this website to get an approximate points cost for the trip you are looking for http://www.awardhacker.com

I can’t seem to find Velocity Points on that awardhacker website. \r\n\r\nI’m just unsure whether i’m betting to try and purchase the flight with points + pay through Virgin Airlines, or transfer to KF and try and get a Singapore airlines flight. But it sounds like SQ flights are too expensive unless a Saver flight, and I don’t know how to check availability for those. \r\n\r\nDo most people just try and use the singapore airlines website to redeem KF points?

try awardace.com that has Velocity. There are some errors on some of the quoted costs so best to double check on the relevant FFP webpages. I usually google e.g. “Krisflyer point chart”

I have always found Rome difficult for Saver redemption bookings even up to 355 days out, try Milan, Frankfurt or Zurich as an alternative.

Singapore redemptions are best booked via Krisflyer direct (cheaper and will show more seat availability)

Im a big fan of Singapore points, and get good value out of them, however you will need to be flexible with dates and destinations if your only focusing on saver award seats

Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it.

Ive just found flights from Singapore to Frankfurt in Business for 85,000 KF on a saver seat. Is this good value? Considering I only have 100,000 Velocity, which transfers to 75,000KF points, I may need to pay to bridge the 10,000KF point gap. I’ll just pay for an economy flight from Brisbane to Singapore for the first leg of the journey.

Do you think this is a economical use of points?

Once in Europe, after 2 weeks, I’ll then need to head to Johannesburg in Africa. Would I just pay this outright and use my Velocity Platinum card to accrue the points from the ticket sale?


Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Personally this is how I would do it.

Get a flight with Scoot to Singapore return.

From Singapore use points to travel wherever you need to go. Then fly back to Singapore to catch your return with Scoot.

To put it in perspective, it’s 105,000 points from Brisbane to Europe with Singapore Airlines Krisflyer points. Do only you can decide if 85,000 is good value from Singapore to Europe.